Use your ideas to
connect with others.


A better way to connect with others.

Collide allows you to create deeper connections using shared ideas and the complementary skills you need. We believe that amazing things happen when people work together.


Save Time For What Matters

Instead of wasting time looking for others using email and traditional networking, use that time to enjoy more coffee!


Create Deeper Connections

Get to know people over shared ideas instead of small talk about the weather or what you're watching on Netflix.


Make Your Ideas Happen

Give your ideas a fighting chance by sharing them with others who have the skills you need to make them happen.


How does it work?

We make it easier than ever to meet others and connect over shared ideas.
Take a look below to see for yourself! 


Create a profile and
add your skills

Draft and share ideas with others nearby


Collide with people who have the skills you need

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Chat and meet up to make your idea happen


Where can you Collide with others?

Collide is creating a community where collaboration is easier and connections are deeper. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or work 9-to-5, we connect you with others who share your ideas and have the skills you need to make your ideas happen.


In your company

You work within a company, but you're always looking for ways to innovate and collaborate with other employees. Collide can help you meet gather people from different departments and tackle any problem your company has.


At your school

You go to a high school or college and want to connect with other students from different backgrounds and majors. Collide can help you meet up and pursue your ideas together.


On your own

You're an individual who naturally enjoys connecting others, but you're looking for a better way to create deeper connections. Collide can help freelancers and entrepreneurs meet others who share ideas and have the skills they need.


Ready to Collide with others?

We're not quite ready, but we'll let you know as soon as we're ready to launch!